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Sandy Springs Brewery

The tree in our logo symbolizes the old oak tree that stands by itself towering in the center of our farm.  We often refer to it as the "Tree of life".  It represents the heritage and history of the farm and now 6 generations of family who have come to call it home.  Although it was terribly sad to see the old barn burn, we are incredibly excited for our new location of Sandy Springs Brewing Company at the center of downtown Minerva and look forward to being a big part of the growing community.  We feature American and European style ales and lagers with an atmosphere that promotes a community and family-centered place to meet, spend great times, and create awesome memories.

Sandy Springs is one of many great breweries in our area... just as important as great beer, this place is owned and operated by great people.
we're proud to say our Tremot Coffee has been a featured part of ingredients to make fabulous coffee infused beers with Sandy Springs